Trace A Person

Trace a person with our experienced team of experts. People search for people form many different reasons. It could be that you have simply lost touch and wonder how they are. Are they OK? Are they still with is? Often it can be due to a family situation that someone needs to make them aware of. Or it could be an upcoming event that needs to be addressed.

Trace A person

Many people need to trace a person to recover money or goods, need documents signed off, or want to speak to them about property or assets. Their reasons are many, our searches remain the same, in-depth and accurate!

We trace people for many reasons, some listed below...


We also take instructions for

• Telephone number tracing

• Birth Marriage death Searches

• Genealogy Searches

• Email Tracing

• Corporate searches

• Certificate searches

And Lots More!!!


• Long Lost Love Tracing

• Adoptive Parent Tracing

• Catfish Tracing Or Online Romances

• X Spouse Tracing

• Children Tracing (adult)

• Property Owner Tracing

• X Tenant Tracing

• Old Friends Tracing

• Legal Tracing

• Witness Tracing

• Address Link Tracing

• Any Type of People Tracing

• Debtor Tracing

• Beneficiary / Heir Tracing

• Long Lost Family Tracing

Don’t worry if your specific reason for tracing someone isn’t on the list. As long as you have a genuine need to trace a person, and there is no legal or moral reason that you should not contact them we can help locate and report.

Whatever the reason you need to trace a person our experts at people location can trace and report in a clearly understandable format.

People Location and was set up solely for people tracing and intelligence gathering. We don’t do anything else! At People Location we want to offer our clients the very best in people tracing solutions and not try to be a jack of all areas of investigation. That being said, we are one of the UK’s best-known tracing agents with one of the UK's largest tracing agent’s websites spanning three separate domain names, we do have a powerful hand when it comes to any kind of data procurement.

Our line of work encompasses most things registered and recorded. Hence, when someone’s looking for phone numbers, emails, address occupants and more, our searches often uncover the records.

Many of our traces are undertaken on the full no find no fee service. For this, we do need certain things. We need a full name they are using today, they have to be UK based, we need an old address which is more than a year old and less than 10 years old. And, as long as there are no complications, we can trace a person on a full no fond no fee service.

Costs will depend on what type of person trace dealing with. We don’t like to box and package cases and we always want to offer a cost-effective search in every case. That’s why each case we take on is evaluated and quoted before we start. So we usually charge on a two-tier fee basis

1, Submission fee

To trace a person we often need budget. Submission fees enable us to have a working budget to spend on your person trace. We know that adequate budget produces fantastic results. Submission fees are usually between £49-£150. But we can’t ever be sure on submission fees until we know your case details and your end goals.

2, Location fees

At the moment location fees are always £99. You only ever pay a location fee once we are successful. If we can’t find your person we never charge any location fees.

If you want to know more E-mail us at or phone us for a friendly chat about your case.