Tracing Agents You Can Trust! Our clients soon realise why our in-depth People Tracing solutions are the best!

We focus on all the details you supply and run effective in-depth research on every case we do. Very high success rates and an abundance of happy clientele. Costs from £19+VAT for bulk E-trace reports. People tracing with In-depth research starting at only £99. Simple searches to to in-depth research, we have it covered!

We Really Are Different!

In the good sense! We are not a simple skip tracing agent or bulk tracing company that spend minutes on a case. We don't simply rely on credit systems and voter information. Our team take time to undertake in-depth research on every case ensuring we have the right person, at a current address every time. We are a reliable, qualified and recognised in-depth tracing agent you can trust!

Quality Reporting

We take great pride in offering comprehensive reporting on all our in-depth people traces. Our reports inculde everything from images of the person, images of their address, telephone searches, E-mail sweeps, credit information, birth death and marriage details and, as always, anything we find along the way that we think you may find interesting.


Amazing customer support! We know that many of our searches are from people who have been out of touch for years or decades, that's why we are here during and after the search to assist clients with advice in making that initial contact and mediation if needed. We know that reaching out to someone after many years can be a daunting prospect and our expertise can often be invaluable during this time.

Trace A Person With A Reliable Tracing Company

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Trace A Person

General people tracing. As One of the UK's most reliable tracing agents we know there are many reasons people need to trace a current contact address for a person and we can't cover them all on one page. In all cases, if you need to trace a person and want high-quality service that really does deliver then you are in the right place.

See Our Trace A Person Page

Trace Birth Family

If you're looking to trace your long lost family you need a reliable, accurate and in-depth tracing agents. We have bee n tracing birth family for over two decades. You may have seen one of our recent television collaborations, such as, separated at birth or Born on the same day.  We love tracing family and our extensive mediation service becomes invaluable for these delicate traces. Tracing Agents you can trust

See Our Family Tracing Page

Trace An Old Friend

Trace Old Freinds with experts. We love tracking down old friends, and we know there are often many other questions, did they marry?, did they have any children, Are they still with us? We aim to answer these questions in our in-depth style of reporting. So you won't be left wondering. Use a UK based Tracing Agents with over 20 years experience tracing people.

See Our Trace An Old Friend Page

Trace A Debtor

Need to trace a debtor. Don't let them get away with it. We have located thousands of debtors for all sorts of clients wanting to get back whats owed. Use a reliable in-depth tracing agent to get you back in touch. Get what's owed to you or your business!

See Our Trace A Debtor Page

Trace A Property Owner

Need to find out where the owner of a property is? Does the title just give you the same address you already know of? Then Instruct our team of experts to undertake a full search to obtain their exact contact details.

See Our Trace Property Owner Page

Legal Tracing

We regularly undertake people tracing services for a multitude of legal firms in the UK and abroad. If you need to reunite someone with assets, locate an heir's or beneficiaries, or need to track down a witness we can help

See Our Trace An Old Friend Page

Since 1993

Tracing Agents - People Location

Accuracy is Key

We know accuracy is key to our clients and we look to supply all the additional data we find during our trace. This can sometimes be, telephone numbers, Email addresses, pictures of the person, marriage details, children they may have had, people they live with and address links and connections.

We Really Are Different
We are a high-end people tracing agent which goes much further than many of our counterparts. We don’t look to box and package traces into slots. We know that all searches are different and that’s why we need to take the time to listen to our client's needs and expectations when instructing us. Although we can’t guarantee a positive find in every search, we are happy to say that our average success rate stands at over 90%. What we do guarantee is that a competently trained expert will undertake a thorough search and give you results that you can rely on.

Why Use Our Tracing Agent Experts?
In simple terms, you need an expert. If I need my taps fixed I call a plumber, If my car needs a service I call a mechanic. If you need to trace a person you come to the People Location tracing agents. We take the stress and uncertainty out of your search. After 2 decades in the People Tracing industry we know that client satisfaction is paramount, and we have countless clients who continue to use us on a regular basis and recommend our services to friends and family. Many of our new cases come from referrals. You may well be singing our praises after we have completed your search!

Tracing Agents You Can Trust!

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We are a small team of enthusiastic and energetic researchers with a passion for re-uniting people. See our key Personell
Tanya Hall

Tanya Hall

Lead researcher and client Liaison

Tanya loves her work and the rewards she gets from reuniting people. She has been a core researcher for the company for 5 years. Chances are, if you speak to us, Tanya will handle you case.

Anthony Clifford

Anthony Clifford

Director & Lead Tracing Specialist

Anthony has been Director of the firm since it opened its virtual doors in 2008. He does all our blogs and organises seminars. He offers valuable input to all cases submitted

Mark Robbins

Debtor & Investigation Searches

Mark's a bit Shy! Mark deals with in-depth searches and debtor location. He is also the trace manager with over 20 years experience in the field

Alison Dundas

Company Secretary

Alison helps out with making sure all our company details are up to date. She also our go to lady if we need anything posted or banked

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Angela, Cumbria

Angela, Cumbria

People Location Traced Her Lost Brother

"At long last you hear from me!
Have just returned from Germany last night, having spent 4 days together.
As you can see by the enclosed photo it was a wonderful experience.
We all feel you are part of the family story!
​With all our love and best wishes"

Roy, Little Hampton

Roy, Little Hampton

We traced his long lost Family

"Someone said to me why don’t you hire a company to find them for you so I found People Location and that was the best thing I’ve ever done -the people there have been so kind and helpful to me and I have to say they also went out of there way to help me. They had some great advice when for when I meet my family members after all this time and they also kept me informed about everything as time went on."

Steven Anderson, Brighton & Hove

Steven Anderson, Brighton & Hove

investigation company owner

"People location have been a reliable and accurate company to deal with. All searches are not only carried out accurately, but they also provide reliable and friendly help and assistance; their success rate with searches I have given them is extremely high and up to date information on every case submitted"