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Are you thinking about family members that you have lost contact with? if you have a need to trace family our specialist family tracing team has the tools, experience, and know-how to locate the current address, confirm its current and also supply a full, in-depth report to give you an idea of what they have been doing, who they live with, other means of contact such as phone numbers and email, and, as always, anything else we find along the way that you might find interesting.

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We know that tracing family can be a really big step. It's often pondered for a considerable time, possibly years, before that pro-active decision to find your missing family member is made. Tracing relatives is what we love to do and we are here every step of the way. From speaking to you when the case is logged in, to updating you during the course of our research and even putting you in touch via mediation. We offer cost effective searches that are in-depth and accurate. We love to trace family and our family tracing team takes great pride in putting people just like you back in touch.

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We take great pride in the fact that we are not another skip or bulk tracing agents who spend little to no time researching your case. We know that these cases relate to real people with real goals of getting to know their lost family member all over again. That's why, unlike many bulk or budget skip tracing companies, we are on hand until you are back in touch.

Trace family with a company who is reliable and established

We are one of the UK's longest running tracing companies with over 20 years of expertise behind us. If you need to trace family our team of friendly experts will listen to your story, discuss your goals and look to get you back in touch sooner rather than later

Cost Effective People Tracing

With costs starting at only £99+VAT, we are also the more cost-effective option to get an in-depth search by real family tracing experts with over 20 years of expertise in this specific field.

We Love Nervous Clients!

If you are unsure or nervous about taking this life-changing step, speak to one of our friendly team. We will be happy to discuss your case, search options, costs and viability of a successful trace of your family member. Be it Birth family or distant family or family you have never met, we love putting you back in touch.

We always offer a friendly realistic service from start to finish. We can be on the other end of the phone or an email away to get updates on how your family trace is going, who we have spoken or interesting details that we have found out about your missing relative.

We are a friendly caring Family Tracing Company who take great pride in the work that we do.

To get started simply fill in our trace from HERE             Or call us on 0208 390 1703

Trace Family - Trace Birth Family

Trace family, trace your birth family or track down long-lost family you haven't yet met with our family finder experts. The People Location Tracing Agency has been undertaking family tracing services for over a decade. Our in-house, fully trained, tracing agents have official and compliant access to millions of published and non-published information sources.

Tracing Your Relatives

Our own research reveals The People Location Tracing Agency as one of the most cost-effective sources of compliant family tracing, people tracing or people finder services available in the UK.

TRACE FAMILY -FIND FAMILY - Genealogy and Tracing Family

People location are a family tracing specialist, It's what we love doing and have done for two decades. If you lost touch with a long-lost relative we can help.



Trace Family With Experts

We have been finding birth siblings tracing aunts and uncles as well as locating birth parents for the last 20 years. We know that family relationships are sometimes turbulent and rifts can occur which end with years or decades of no contact.

Sometimes people have reason to trace a family member, such as a death, marriage or other important family matters. Sometimes people just want to end rifts and get to know the relative they have missed all these years.

Are you trying to trace  a birth parent? People location knows that tracing a birth parent can be a daunting thought. Our agents have dealt 100’s of birth parent tracing requests for curious young adults and older generations wanting to know more about their past. Contact one of our agents for more details on birth parent tracing or finding a birth parent. We can assist with family tracing on any level. If you want to trace living relatives or even confirm the death of a family member our genealogy data-set trawls can confirm deaths and obtain certificates.

Our in-house tracing agents can trace family members for people who need to trace a relative for urgent or pressing matters. We can expedite the case with a view to offera same day or next day service. Speak to one of our tracing agents for more information on expressing your family trace report for an even faster result.

People location can trace the address of your relatives. If you need to know the contact address for your missing family member, and have enough details to conduct the search, we can find them on a no find no fee service. We trace the family members address for you saving you time, effort and stress.

Whatever the reasons for the divide there is only one way finding out if the divide can be brought back together, and that’s contact! That’s where we can help we can find the persons address or place of contact where you can discreetly get your message over.

Tracing relatives in the UK is a task best undertaken by people tracing experts with a variety of enhanced search tools at their disposal.


“I did go on to contact my birth mother and we met a week or so later. As you can imagine, the discovery of almost an entire family has been overwhelming at times but I would like to say thanks for your fast and efficient help with this”

(Jon, UK)


"5 stars great service and much cheaper than other companies. the woman I spoke to Tanya was amazing even spoke to me out of office hours got the result I wanted was shocked!"


(Ms Richardson Manchester)

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