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Are you trying to Trace your brother or sister?

Its easy with People Location.

People Location have been tracing siblings for two decades. Sometimes it’s down to families drifting apart. or possibly there are rifts in the family that have yet to be resolved. It may be down to a parental split. Or it can be as simple as losing touch and a house move. In all cases, the expert people tracing agents at people location are ready to listen to your story, take on the instruction and put you on a positive road to reunite with your family.

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We Love Locating family Our staff have been locating long-lost loved ones for over 20 years. That's we are now one of the UK's go tracing agents for family finding.

You may be looking for a sister. Maybe you don’t have a birthdate, or she has since married, and you don’t know what her new name is. It may be a brother who ventured off into the world and you simply want to know he is safe and well. You may have important news you need to pass on. Our team take on sibling searches for all sorts of people for all sorts of reasons. You may have seen our television collaborations where we assisted in reuniting siblings after 20 years apart and a move to South Africa. It's one of the countless siblings we have put back in touch with outstanding results.

We may have a sibling who are a little concerned about. You may  want to know if you can help them get back on their feet.

Whatever the reasons are that you need to get back in touch we can find out where they are now.

Call one of the team on 0208 390 1703 for a friendly chat about your lost sibling. We will listen to your story, advise you on possible success rates and likelihood scenarios.

Tracing Adopted siblings

We have been tracing adopted siblings for many years. Many clients do come to us with quite a bit of information, but these are very difficult traces. If you know a full name or even a partial name, that they have been using as an adult, then chances are we can fill in the gaps. If you don’t know the name or any part of the name, it’s a very tall task and although we are always happy to undertake the search, success does depend on what is recorded and available. Speak to one of our reliable team of experts and get genuine advice on the viability of success and possible routes of enquiry for your search.

Sorry, but we don’t search for or take instructions from, anyone who is not legally an adult.

Call one of our team today for expert friendly advice on 0208 390 1703

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As seen on TV's Separated at birth, Born on the Same day and many more!


Roys Story!


"Firstly, I want to say just how happy and excited I was today to hear the news that they have found my long lost family what I’ve been trying to do for years

I lost contact with my family in 1965 when both my mum and dad died and the family just split up and went their own ways and I know it’s very silly but we lost contact with each other over the years.

So I tried to find them myself and I have to be totally honest with you I’m no good on a computer I tried many many times to find them and then gave up for a short time

Someone said to me why don’t you hire a company to find them for you so I found you

and that was the best thing I’ve ever done -the people there have been so kind and helpful to me and I have to say they also went out of there way to help me with some great advice when I meet my family members after all this time and they also kept me informed about everything as time went on

I have to say it again they come out tops with me -- so I would have no trouble in recommending them to anyone I know so if you are looking for anyone please take my advice and contact these people --and I also promise you, you will not be sorry for making that call

I also just want to say thanks again to all the staff what you have done for me I cant express my feelings at the moment because I feel so happy and excited but i will let you know how things go we i meet up with all my lost brothers and sister all the best to you all and thanks again"

Roy, Little Hampton

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If you feel you are ready to get back in touch simply fill out our online form or call one of our team on 0208390 1703.