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"5 I’m more than grateful and so very much appreciative of everything that Mark and Tanya did to help me reconnect with somebody who I, unfortunately, had lost touch with and really wanted to see again. They were so understanding and really took the time to help me with my situation. Their kindness and assistance will never be forgotten. x"

Zena, (London)

"I would like to thank people location for finding out my. soon to be X was hiding substantial assets"

Jenny, (Sheffield)

"5 Stars great service and so much cheaper than other companies. The woman I spoke to, Tanya was amazing! Even spoke to me outside office hours. Got the result I wanted and was shocked!

Ms Richardson (UK)

"Mark Robbins provided a great deal of time and commentary that helped me. He really made time for me which was a pleasant surprise. He also reviewed and provided feedback. In brief, it seemed he went out of his way.!"

Permjit (London)

"We have been using people location for the last year and have found their reports to be in-depth and informative"

Claire, (Solicitor in London)

"People Location has traced someone I last saw 48 years ago within 2 weeks. Pretty quick I'd say and efficient too in keeping me up to date with developments, mediation on-going at the moment. Well done to Mark and his team."

Jon (UK)

Family Tracing Agent
We put two brothers back in touch.

"Someone said to me why don’t you hire a company to find them for you so I found you and that was the best thing I’ve ever done -the people there have been so kind and helpful to me and I have to say they also went out of their way to help me with some great advice when I meet my family members after all this time and they also kept me informed about everything as time went on I have to say it again they come out tops with me -- so I would have no trouble in recommending them to anyone I know so if you are looking for anyone please take my advice and contact these people --and I also promise you, you will not be sorry for making that call also just want to say thanks again to all the staff what you have done for me I can’t express my feelings at the moment because I feel so happy and excited but I will let you know how things go we I meet up with all my lost brothers and sister all the best to you all and thanks again “

Roy (little Hampton)

We put Angela in touch with her father in Germany

"At long last you hear from me! Have just returned from Germany last night, having spent 4 days together. As you can see by the enclosed photo it was a wonderful experience. Over the month we have conversed by letter and telephone so we had gradually built our relationship so that meeting was the most natural next step. On our first evening, we all drank a toast to you and we cannot thank you enough for all you have done. We all feel you are part of the family story! Our only regret is that we did not do this years ago but such is life With all our love and best wishes"

Angela (Cumbria)


"Many thanks to people location for a speedy and successful search for my niece, Have now made contact, Also the caring and friendly advice. Highly Recommended!"

Peter (Bradford)

"I am completely satisfied at the results given, I must admit I was dubious at first but, I did what they said. I sent a letter and today I have had a call from my cousin who I hadn't seen in almost 12 years"

Sandra, (Liverpool)

"Tanya has been absolutely amazing. Her help & accuracy is very much appreciated. It was a tough case but she was confident she will deliver and of course she did. Thank you again, I am grateful."

Penny, (UK)

"What an amazing journey! After 7 years o searching I finally decided to hire this firm. This was the best move I have ever made. Not only did they find his address but also gave me a really long and in-depth report of what's been going on with Oli over the last 18 years, i was totally astonished. I will be coming back for their mediation service. I Must say that mark is extremely knowledgeable and really takes time to speak to you. His input was very well received and he made me feel at ease throughout the whole process. The next daunting step is making some contact with Oli"

Gwen (Glasgow)

Trace family with UK tracing Agents

"I can't thank People Location enough, not only did they trace my Father but they also acted as a go-between because I felt too nervous to contact him once I had his details! If you're looking to find someone, make sure that you use these guys! 100% Recommended!!!"


(Andre, Hampshire)

"Great service"

Adrian (Walsall)

"Just like to say a big Thank You to Tanya, my case was complicated as it involved various countries (USA, Canada, UK). Tanya with her professional team at People Location solved the case in a short period of time. I was kept updated by Tanya throughout with regular emails and telephone conversations, always sharing information during the successful completion of my case. Excellent service at all times !"

Kas (UK)

"What a fantastic company. They really are the bees knees!"

Adam, (Shropshire)

"I would like to thank Mark and the team for a great job, I am now in touch with Jenny and we were both in tears!"

Sid, (Hampshire)

"Fantastic service provided on at least 40 occasions and every time they are 100% on the ball and had the information I needed within a couple of days at the most. Would highly recommend Mark and Tanya at the Company for their speed and quality of service."

Justine (UK)

"Much to my surprise (& shock), within a couple of days they found the "love of my life" of 40 years ago & we have been happily reunited. Thanks to People Location, they made a dream come true"

David, (UK)

"I now use this company for all my ex-tenant tracing. Very accurate and informative reporting"

Dr Khan (Wales)

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