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We have been at the forefront of people tracing for over 20 years. As a tracing agent, we excel, as a dedicated team who reach, and surpass clients expectations, we're serious! Our in-depth reports are not only cost effective but extremely informative. With access to the UK's most advanced tracing technology and, more importantly, an experienced dedicated team who know how to retrieve, compile, and interpret the data correctly. For full in-depth reporting, ongoing support, and access to your own, friendly experienced team member, this has to be our most popular trace submission. Submission fees are required for this option. Read MORE ABOUT FEES HERE

Searches Include,

Dedicated researcher - Agent led Investigations - Current Address - Maps data & Images - Birth, Marriage, Death's - Recorded co-occupants  - Recorded previous occupants  - Address links & connections - Phone & Email (enhanced searches) - Online & Social Media & Images - Credit search - Demographical Profile - Corporate Links - All relevant located details and anything else we find that we think you may find interesting  - A full in-depth PDF report

From £99 


These fees are needed for case expenditure

Our experienced team wants to make sure your search is undertaken to the very best standard and this means we utilise expenditure. These fees cover, agent time and search costs. You can be assured that your fees will be spent in a cost-effective manner meaning we can obtain certificates, wills, probates,  or access high-level systems data and more. We won't be coming back to you asking for additional budget. 99% of our cases are completed within the supplied case budget. As an in-depth tracing specialist, we know that in-depth searches need in-depth research. We won't simply run a systems search or spend minutes on your case. Submission fees are for in-depth research and case analysis. These are nonrefundable fees.


Submission fees are usually between £49-£99 but can differ. Submission fees will depend on, what is already known, what we need to to find out and what we need to spend on the case to bring a positive conclusion. We are an in-depth, experienced tracing specialist. As such we offer a premier service that is second to none. We know that our reporting standard is one of the UK's most comprehensive giving our clients peace of mind that, not only have we found their missing person,  but the additional searches have uncovered so much more.

From £49


Bulk submissions (10+ cases)

Bulk tracing uses bespoke, publicly restricted data sets. We usually commence within 24 hours and can start sending results after 24 hours. We undertake bulk tracing for companies, landlords, financial institutions, creditors and more. If you have multiple debtors or beneficiaries, this is a fast effective way to ensure a compliant search. Missing account or investment holders. You need to demonstrate you have undertaken adequate research to locate your customer. Then look no further!

XL Spreadsheet or PDF report format.  - Fully GDPR compliant tracing

From the UK's Leading tracing experts! Call us on 0208 390 1703 for more information

From £19


   We love family history searches.

Looking for a great grandparent, or distant family connections. People Location really shine when it comes to in-depth data research.

We love doing research and connecting the pieces to get that emotional response from our clientele.

Our searches can go back generations to locate that one great grandparent or distant cousin that you wanted to know more about.

Are they still alive, when or how did they pass? we aim to answer all these questions and more.

Call us  today to discuss your trace on 0208 39 01703

We have over 20 years of experience in tracing back family lines and connecting family members through marriages, births, will and probate searches.

Speak to one of the People Location experts for more advice on your specific search.

From £299


Offshore tracing by the UK's Premiere tracing agents. People location have a global reach! If you need to trace people offshore we can help.

If you need to trace people offshore our friendly team will be happy to advise and offer costings on your search. Offshore people tracing does require submission fees which will vary depending on where they may be and what we know about them.

Call us today and discuss your case with one of our experienced experts

Tel: +44 (0) 208 390 1703

From £249


Telephone searches

If you need to search for a personal phone number or find out who owns a number we can help. We hold high-level access and bespoke telephone tracing formulas only available to us! This is NOT an internet sweep, its far more advanced!  Our bespoke data retrieval systems can supply user details or find telephone numbers the subscriber has been recorded as using. 

We never call the number.

This is a two-tier fee £19 Submission fee, only pay the £30 if we are successful.

We usually run and report within 24 hours.

From £49


Background & Asset Searches

When you have a need to know more.

We undertake searches of the person's background.  We can undertake a compliant search of addresses links, births, marriages, deaths, credit status, and we can even look for court appearances and sentencing. (THIS IS NOT A CRB CHECK) but it's thorough and compliant! If it's legally obtainable we can get it!

Asset sweeps cover share ownership, corporate and business connections, Credit status, property ownership, and equity, business banking facilities, business status, group structures, and enhanced open source data sweeps, personal demographics and more. (We cannot locate or report on private banking products)


We have high-level access to all kinds of data and are experts in data procurement. if you need to know a little more about a person's financial status or want to know if they have any skeletons in their closet then why not ask our experienced agents to run a search. All our searches are GDPR compliant and undertaken by data procurement experts with access to the UK's most powerful datasets.

In-depth searches cover all that is compliantly available. 

From £299


Online romances, are they really being truthful?

The people who we meet online are not always who they claim to be. Are they married? Is it a scam? Are they dangerous? With so many people meeting by online forums, dating apps or by social media, the need for us to remain safe online is now a major concern for us all.

We are now seeing higher numbers of people meeting online than ever before. 2017 saw 20,000 marriages from couples who met online. So it's not unusual to look for an online romance.

In 2012 we implemented a dedicated team and very successful formula to gauge how truthful these individuals really are. And they will never know the search has been done.

Staying safe by knowing the facts!

From £249


Searching for a specific record can be a daunting task. At the People Location Tracing Agents, we love these daunting tasks!

Searches for certificates or other documents is what we love to do. We do this every day with our in-depth tracing and information procurement searches.

From £39


Need to know who owns a property?

Copy of deeds, Copy of titles, leaseholds & freeholds. Simple solutions to find out who owns property or land. 

Speak to one of our friendly team on 0208 390 1703

From £19


Search for corporate connections and group structures. Or a person's directorships and company links.

Our In-depth research uncover so much more!

Our searches locate links and connections not found on a basic Companies House search. They can even include non-limited connections or sole traderships.

If you want to ensure the peace of mind of a fully comprehensive search undertaken by data procurement experts then The People Location Tracing Agents can search and report in a clear understandable format.

Speak to one of our team to learn more about a company or director you hold an interest in.

TEL; 0208 390 1703

Company searches by the UK's Premiere tracing agents.

Want to know a full directorship sweep or corporate affiliations for a person? then look no further. We can supply appointments sweeps with connected group structures and ultimate ownership.

From £39


Discreet investigations


We are highly trained in data procurement experts. If you are needing to undertake an investigation with the requirement to find out information, our team is here to help.

call one of our experienced team on 0208 390 1703 or complete our or Contact Us, outlining your request. We will revert to you with viability, timescales, and reliable costings

*Costs are reliable estimations

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We cant box and package all traces so why not call one of our friendly experts on 0208 390 1703. We often have on-call agents outside office hours!

Costs are subject to UK V.A.T.