Debtor tracing

Tenant Tracing and Debtor Tracing

If you are the victim of absconding tenants People Location can help. We know that real estate is a livelihood and important income for most landlords and absconding tenants with rent arrears can leave you frustrated as the bills continue to come in and the rent doesn’t.

Obviously, you think, Re-let the property ASAP!  But, how do you go about recouping your losses? Where do you start?

You need to locate a current address where you can enforce your demands for payment.

That’s where our services and advice are imperative. Our debt tracing specialists will uncover that forwarding address!

Now what?

Write a firm letter, advise you will seek a county court judgment if they don’t pay. Give them a date they need to respond by. They may ask for installments or time which you can consider before implementing court proceedings.

If they do not respond

Commence proceedings! It’s easier than you think. You can often download or pop in to your local court and get the forms. You can even do the CCJ online at


Check out the below post I wrote last year on what we need to start a trace. You will never take on another tenant without knowing what you need to track them down should they abscond.

What we need to start a trace

This is a question we are asked time and time again! And the answer is always the same. We need as much as possible. The more you have the better odds we have of determining you exact right person without long-winded processes of elimination.

To give our readers a better idea of what we would like our “Golden” criteria is..


A full name

To trace a person you always need a name including middle names. Without a name, you can’t really start. You’d be surprised how many enquires we get without a name!


With a DOB we can quickly and easily find the right person using the DOB as the identifier.

A last known address

Again, a last known address tells us that the specific name associated with the last known address is our exact right person. And it quickly rules our namesakes.

And that’s the GOLDEN list of details to undertake a quick, simple and effective trace of any person in the UK. But if you know more tell us more….

Don’t forget, the more the better!

So if you have more include it! Things like

Phone numbers
Employment details
Car details
Employment details
People they may live with or associated people
Name variations
Approximate age
Online social networking links
Telephone / Mobile phone numbers
Possible linked addresses
Previous addresses
Family addresses
Anything else you think that would be helpful.

Searching withlittle known information

We have undertaken searches with minimal known information.  And often find the leads and links, follow the trail, and locate a current address, phone numbers and more.  Leads can come from names alone or telephone numbers known addresses they lived in, I could go on and on. In a nutshell whatever the details you have our agents can surmise a course of action and likelihood scenarios of success.

How we do it?

Again this is a question we are often asked. We can tackle the case from every angle. We simply dissect and research every shred of data you have on the person to lead on to more information and more details and finally a current established address. This can sometimes be a long-winded undertaking. In all cases,our clients are assured of professional conduct and thorough searches to conclude a positive result.

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