Tracing Friends & Family

2019 brought the industry some welcomed change


Tracing Old Friends


Mediation has become a necessity for our friends and family People Tracing. The GDPR, rule means that releasing data about a person to a third party is no longer legal. Anyone who does this can end up being finned, and if they're licensed, it may be revoked. It also has negative implications for the client, who can end up with anything from a finger wag from a police officer, a restraining order, or even a conviction for stalking.

People Location have been undertaking mediations and liaising between finders and findee’s for over a decade.  Many years ago, we took on our client’s successes and failures when making initial contact. And, sorry to say, many of our clients didn’t take our advice when initiating contact. This meant that many of the client’s attempts to reconnect were, let’s say, wrong-footed. In simple terms, it’s a one-off opportunity that, the anxious and excited client, “messed up”. Repairing this damage can be extremely difficult, and in many cases impossible.


Trace A person

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To put in simply, many people just want the answer. They want it now, and, when under the pressure to give an immediate reply the typical response is ether, to ignore them, or say “no”.

We find that our mediations make a huge difference. We have spent years perfecting our approach to first contact. Although the narrative of contact remains similar each case is awarded the bespoke approach required. This means getting to know a little about our client. A Little about the person we are seeking, and then a gentle and respectful approach that encourages a reply. We remove the pressure, and offer independent support, to both, our client and the person we have contacted. The results really do scream volumes.

Mediations have proven to increase replies and contact by around 70%.

It’s something about having one of our caring, experienced, and understanding experts deal with the initial contact. The daunting thought of immediate direct contact is removed. And questions and answers can be swapped between them with ease.

If you really are serious about contact. Then your chances are increased substantially by using an expert to introduce you.

Trace a debtor

Tracing Debtors

The legislation is in place to release details for people who are debtors, so no change there. If you are looking to locate that debtor who is evasive it's often best done covertly. People Location have updated their reporting structures for debtor tracing. We now supply court ready reports that really do make that difference when it comes to enforcement. 

The difference between a full and in-depth report and a “one Liner” on a piece of paper encourages the court or lawyer to progress. They can see that a thorough and in-depth search has been completed by a registered professional. One liner reporting that simply shows a database match often leaves the magistrate questioning the accuracy of the work done.

So, if you’re looking to trace a debtor, do it properly the first time. Avoid repeat court appearances or duplications of court applications. It can be extremely frustrating to be sent packing from the court only to undertake a more accurate search for your debtor.

Mediations should still be considered in these cases. It can be cheaper and more effective to get a polite but firm communication form our debtor tracing team than from a lawyer. Many of these debtors will respond and pay when they receive our contact. It can save time and money in the long term and the option to get the lawyers involved is still available.


Tracing Property owners, Tracing beneficiaries, Tracing Witnesses

Or other compliant searches

Don’t worry of your specific reason is not listed. We will evaluate your case and advise you on the compliance of your specific search. If you need mediation, we’ll let you know. If you don’t need mediation, we’ll tell you. Or, if we think mediation is not legally required but would be beneficial, we’ll let you know.

Whatever the reasons are for your search our team will do all we can to reach and surpass your end goals and expectations.





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