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As a Tracing Agency, we focus our work on finding people. It is our core business. But when you need to find people you often have to undertake some genealogy to reach that end goal. Its something out team need to be trained and proficient in to ensure we are getting our facts right


Are you looking to find out who your great-grandfather was? Looking to see if he married again, had more children. Do you wonder if there is a whole other side to your family that you know little or nothing about?

Possibly its an Aunt or uncle who came in to the family as a second marriage. But what ever happened to the children, they would have grown up by now and probably have families of their own!


Are there cousins or uncles that you know little about? Our genealogy sweeps can connect the dots and piece together a firm connection to living relatives. Many of our searches go back over 150 years. And on several occasions, we have gone back much further.


If you looking to see if there are any living descendants People Location can help.


As the UK’s preferred people tracing agency, we excel. So, if you would like to know more about your family history and have done what you can with your own online resources why not speak to one of our team. We can undertake a search of family links, history and genealogy.

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