By Anthony Clifford

16 March 2017

We had a case in last week for a client wishing to contact an old girlfriend from over 60 years ago.

Mr. Adams, a world war 2 veteran, had a reasonably long-term relationship when he was in his late teens with a young lady called Nora Bryant.

Mr. Adams was, at the time a pilot in the army and Nora was a civil servant. There relationship lasted around 2 years but it seems that Mr Adams never forgot about her.

Sadly, Mr. Adams was widowed some 3 years ago and as time went on he started to reminisce about Nora More and More. Although Mr. Adams is now in his 80's he is reasonably proficient on the internet and made several attempts to trace her using online searches such as, ancestry and other credit paid people finder websites. During his search he stumbled across the People Location Tracing Website.

He contacted one of our team here at People Location, discussed his situation and instructed our people tracing team to undertake the search. Once we had all the data our team got to work.

We knew Nora was born in the 1930's. She was from the Andover district and her father was called John. We also knew she had a younger sister.

We started our searches strait away. Looking over the birth indexes we found several possible candidates but quickly narrowed them down to one via the sibling and father details.

Once we had the date of birth our search was well under way.

We then proceeded to look through marriages and again found several possible marriages which could have been our subject.

The process of elimination had started. There were around nine marriages that matched our details. One by one we had to locate each couple and cross reference the located individuals with the date of birth obtained from the marriage index.

We had discounted seven of the nine locations but had two which did not appear to be living together in recent years.

There wereMr. Peter Blyth Marrying Nora Bryant in the 1960s and also Simon Deacon marry Nora Bryant in the 1950s.

So we recommenced searches for either a second marriage for Nora Blyth and Nora Deacon. Nora Deacon remarried in the mid-1970s to a George Saunders. Mr and Mrs Saunders were located and again Discounted via the date of birth leaving us with Mrs Nora Blyth.

Searches of death were completed with no positive data hence the search for Nora Blyth without the husband were then undertaken.

Within a few hours a match was located not far from our target area of Andover and it appears she was living alone.

Delicate contact was then made with Mrs. Blyth. Our agent discussed the details mentioning our client

“Yes” was the response “I do remember Tom Adams, he was a squadron leader, he was my first boyfriend, I would be delighted to hear from him.”

Fantastic result which was quickly passed on to our client. Mr. Adams was quick to update us that was now formally a wing commander.

We passed on telephone numbers and addresses to each of them and they are now in full contact. They plan to meet up very soon.

We wish them the best of luck with their new contact!

We love putting old friends back in touch, it’s one of the most rewarding parts of our job. If you need to contact old friends from years ago contact one of our tracing agents at people location on 0208 390 1703.Type your paragraph here.

We publish this information with a view to offer an accurate sequence of events and searches that were encompassed during the undertaking of the trace. We reserve the right to change the names, dates, and locations of the people involved in order to respect their privacy, People Location and the People Location online presence/websites is/are owned and /are products of Rainbow Promotions UK Ltd