Andy and Frank have been good friends for over 20 years. Frank is a Canadian and his father flew missions during WW2. He Explained to Andy that he remembers his father’s English friend called Bill and his son, JOHN, who was about 8 years old at the time. His family and Bill’s family became very close and often visited each other for holidays after the war had ended. He had photos from the 1940’s of them all as children and photos of the BILL and his father in Navy uniforms. For some reason, as the years went by they lost touch and he or the children have not seen each other for nearly 50 years. Sadly John Died Many years ago but Frank wanted to get in contact with John or his family. He explained to Andy that now he was in his late 70’s, he would dearly love to meet up with the family and reminisce and rekindle a pen-pal relationship.

After Andy heard this story he went online and immediately called People Location.

He explained to us all that he knew and that the information was scarce but he very much wanted to reunite his friend with his own childhood friends. He didn’t expect much and assumed the search would take months to complete. We then assured Andy, “if there’s a record we’ll find it”. Our in-house trace and genealogy experts went over the little details known, and soon found the missing link needed!

It seemed that the John wasn’t the son, he was the nephew and the last name was different. Once we confirmed this everything dropped into place and tracing an address for John his wife, was a short simple undertaking with our enhanced data set sweeps. We also confirmed children of John, now adults themselves.

All traced confirmed and in touch within 3 days, puzzle solved!

We made delicate contact with John’s wife, Emma. She was a little taken back at first. She explained that Bill's family were friends with this Canadian family and Bill had talked about it in past. Amazing, and, after a long chat, we let Emma tell Bill the great news.

Bill and Andy are now in Email contact and, I’m sure will be on the phone or meeting in person very soon.

We would like to thank Andy for the opportunity to undertake this fantastic trace and wish John and Frank the very best in their new contact.

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