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Trace birth parents with our reliable and friendly birth family tracing unit. We know tracing birth family is a big step to take which you may have pondered about for years before finally deciding to track them down. Our team have plenty of experience in this area and are happy to say we also have plenty of success stories.

We Talk & Listen

We take all your data, discuss your case and find out what your end goals are. If you're happy we log in your case.

We Get To Work

Once we have everything we need we get to work. We piece everything together to get full picture of the person you want to find

We Report

When we have finished our search we will call you to let you know the good news. We send out a full report and offer advice on making contact

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Tracing Birth Parents

Whether you were adopted, or you have simply lost touch with your parents, we can locate and report with expert precision.

We have been tracing adoptive family for over 20 years. It's now a core part of our business!

We know that this is big decision to make and people often ponder for months or or years before making that positive move to find out more about who their parents are.

Many people wonder what will happen. Will they want to communicate with me? Do I have any sisters or brothers? Will they even acknowledge me at all?

All these are valid questions which can only be answered one way, contact.

We are happy to advise that over 85% of our located birth parents wanted to make contact and have some dialogue with their adopted or missing children, That’s more than 8 out of 10!

Of course, there will always be some who wish to keep the past in the past. If this happens, we always keep our doors open and, should they change their mind in the future, they can revert back to us. They know who we are and how to get in touch.

If you have now decided to make that daunting step to uncover more about who your birth parents are you will be directed to our specialist team who will be there every step of the way. We offer advice and support throughout the process. The benefits of our experiences from the countless cases over the years can be crucial in the early days of cont

Tracing Birth Family after years or decades apart is a big decision that you need to be sure of before we proceed. Our team will offer you friendly and genuine advice on your case.


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