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Debtor tracing is easy with a reliable debtor tracing expert. We know that missing payments from debtors or x-tenants can be devastating to small companies and individuals. In order to recover your funds a current place of contact is always needed. We trace debtors within days!

Trace Debtors & Ex Tenants

Missing payments from ex-tenants or absconding debtors can not only put a strain on your capital but also your resources and time. Losing large sums can be devastating for small companies and individuals who have hoped to gain from an investment, or help someone out.

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We have been tracing debtors for over two decades. We know the best routes to take to reach a cost-effective accurate result. Be it overdue agreements, absconding tenants, CSA tracing, non-delivery of goods, our team are ready and experienced in tracing debtors.

If you need to trace a debtor people location have the resources and the know-how.

To start a debtor trace simply complete our online submission form or call us directly to get your debtor trace underway. We make debtor tracing easy!

If you have been trying to trace a debtor or locate absconding ex-tenants who owe money for rent or damages we know that many of the online, credit paid searches offer little help and often the costs start to rise. Our debtor tracing team go far more in-depth than a simple online voter roll check. We are real people who are real people tracing experts. We have an abundance of knowledge when it comes to locating debtors no matter what the scenario.

Trace A person With Experts

We also offer electronic searches for bulk submissions where we can run a search of connected and linked addresses and offer this in a full report.

Our People Location debtor tracing agents will sieve through all the details you have and undertake a thorough search. We always supply a clear understandable report. Our team takes on an active role in tracing your missing debtor which may include, speaking to friends or family, contacting government agencies, speaking to employers or colleagues, all of which is undertaken with covert discretion. We don’t just run the data!

Our reports include searches from our cutting-edge people location systems. Locating a debtor is, in our view, best done discreetly. If your debtor knows you are looking for them they may well, make a service of documents difficult. Tracing debtors is a task best undertaken by people tracing experts.

When you need a thorough search for missing debtors or absconding tenants, then our experienced people finders can undertake a direct role in tracing a current address. Your allocated debtor tracing specialist will contact you directly, advise how the trace is progressing and ask additional questions that you may be able to add to our data. We usually return debtor trace requests within 3-7 business days; however, some avenues of enquiry may take slightly longer. But, then again, don’t be surprised if we report within 24 hours! Either way, your allocated UK people location expert will be on hand to direct searches, offer updates or take on any new information that may have surfaced regarding your debtor or absconding tenant.

When you need a thorough job done you need a professional! Have your own dedicated debtor trace expert take care of your tracing request.



"The Uk's Most Accurate & In-depth Debtor Tracing by Far"

Derick (Recovery Agent)

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Full in-depth report with current address, co-occupants, Maps data, Searches of, Telephone numbers, Associated addresses, Company links, Credit data, CCJ's, Bankruptcies, Insolvencies, images, social media and lots more! This is agent led and investigated with ongoing support and advice. It's a cost-effective in-depth trace and investigation.

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