The People Location Wedding!

Looking for love?

Are spending more time in later life thinking about the one who “GOT AWAY”

Do you ponder how things could have been?

  • Should'a !
  • Would'a !
  • Could'a !

Is it really too late?

Stop thinking about it. We love reuniting long lost loves. And this one was amazing. After our hard work, we reunited this amazing couple who lost touch years ago. Result; they were married!


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Not only was it an amazing life-changing experience for our client. It was also one of our most rewarding results ever.

Julia came to us asking about the long-lost love who she never forgot. We took all the details. With the snippets of information, Julia had we managed to shortlist likely matches and then completed an effective process of elimination.

Trace Long Lost Love

Soon after we were left with one match.

We then investigated this final match and he ticked all our boxes. The line of work was right, the mother’s name was a match, and he was from the last know area when our client knew him all those years ago. Social sweeps located images and he matched our description. IT WAS HIM!

It wasn’t long before we started mediations. We explained who we are, what we do and who our client was. Of course, he knew exactly who was looking and he was overwhelmed. It was an emotional initial contact that was heart-warming.

Soon after we put them in direct contact. It started with an email, which progressed to a phone call and then a meeting. Our team was on hand for assistance and advice throughout.

The romance started, and they were out on dates, catching up and making memories. After a whirlwind romance, he proposed. I’m sure you can guess what the answer was!

We wish them the very best for their wedding, and their new life as husband and wife





See our client comments

"SO IMPRESSED and KNOW you will be too!!!


I just have to take a minute and tell you how absolutely AMAZING People Location is both as a location service, as well as a highly professional, friendly team!!! PLEASE have NO fear about using their services!!


They located a very hard to find a love interest for me in only 3 days, and brought us together! End result?? We are getting married!!! Like, WHAT??!! Seriously,


I am SO impressed and know you will be too, no matter your needs...Start your Trace TODAY!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, again, People Location!! Special shout out to Tanya!!!"