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As seen on TV's Separated At Birth

Our positive trace success rate for March 2019: 

Who do you need to trace today?


See the below options of people tracing services available. We have re-structured our service level to offer fast, "in-out" tracing as well as in-depth research!


As seen on TV's Born On The Same Day

If you are unsure what level of service you require, complete our "Bespoke Trace" form and one of our team will look over your data and offer a competitive quote!

Bespoke Trace

If you have little data to work with and need to piece together who they are before we can trace the right person our team of experienced experts can help. More comprehensive report including phones, emails, occupancy data and address links.

from £99
  • 2 Tier fee system for most cases. one off, upfront fee for case expenditure, only pay the location fee if we find them. When you need the very best in quality service

Friends & Family

We are well known for in-depth friend and family tracing, Its what our service was built for! 2 tier fee system. As seen on on TV's Separated at birth & Born on the same day. Affordable and reliable tracing solutions for eveyone

From £188
  • We are the UK's Go To source for family tracing. upfront fee, £89, only pay the £99 once we are successful, in depth reporting on every case submitted

Family Or Genealogy Trace

Looking for an in-depth search for a distant relative? People Location was built on family history tracing and reuniting long lost and distant families that have been apart for decades. If you need a real expert to undertake an in-depth search than look no further.

From £298
  • 2 Tier fee system £149 for case expenditure, only pay the £149 if we supply a successful search.

Fast automated searches from £19+VAT

Debtor E-Trace

Automated debtor tracing that will search for high scoring occupied addresses. This service is for debtor tracing only

From £19
  • Lowest Cost Debtor Tracing
  • Debtor Tracing Only
  • Traced Address Only Service

Automated Trace

Automated address trace, completed in 1-2 business days. Simple address tracing solutions

from £49
  • Low Cost Address Trace
  • All Types Of Tracing
  • Traced Address Only Service

Costs are reliable approximations. All costs exclude UK VAT



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As seen on TV's Born On The Same Day

Trace Family members_opt (website size

As seen on TV's Separated at birth

Unsure what the difference is between person trace and Long Lost Family tracing?

Call one of our friendly team to discuss your case.


Submit by Phone

Want to supply your trace over the phone? No problem. Call one of our friendly team on 0208 390 1703. We will be happy to help & advise

Tracing People For Over 20 Years

"I can't thank People Location enough, not only did they trace my Father but they also acted as a go-between because I felt too nervous to contact him once I had his details! If you're looking to find someone, make sure that you use these guys! 100% Recommended!!"

(Andre, Hampshire)

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