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As seen on TV's Separated At Birth

Our positive trace success rate for 2019: (96%)

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See the below options of people tracing services available. We have restructured our service level to offer fast, "in-out" tracing as well as in-depth research!


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If you are unsure what level of service you require, call one of our team for a bespoke quote on your search. TEL: 020 8390 1703

In-Depth Person Trace

From £99

We take every snippet of information you have to piece together exactly who they are before we trace the right person. Our team of experienced experts spend time and money on your search to ensure accuracy and high-quality reporting. We supply a comprehensive report including searches for phones, emails, occupancy data. address links, demographics, history and much more.


Bulk E-Trace (10 or more cases)

From £19

The UK's Lowest cost traces! Perfect for debtors or beneficiaries or previously written off debtors. We utilise our enhanced license restricted data sets which can start giving results within a few hours. If you have a large number of "gone aways", mass debtors or need to prove that you have made appropriate steps to reunite people with forgotten investments or assets E trace is a fast cost-effective method to tick all these boxes.

More, We Do all types of searches!

We love searches! From low level sweeps to in-depth research our team have the knowledge and tools to offer a fantastic service. We are always here to discuss your search, take additional data, offer advice, discuss avenues of enquiry, or ways to move forward.


Genealogy Sweeps and family history. Our searches go back generations. - Property sweeps and background searches. - Telephone and email searches - Employment searches - certificate searches - offshore searches - corporate searches - Catfish & online romance searches - Property Owner Tracing - Beneficiary Tracing -  and more! Don't worry if your search isn't mentioned here, we may still be able to help.

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Costs are reliable approximations. All costs exclude UK VAT

Trace Family members_opt (website size

Submit by Phone

Want to supply your trace over the phone? No problem. Call one of our friendly team on 0208 390 1703. We will be happy to help & advise

Tracing People For Over 20 Years

"I can't thank People Location enough, not only did they trace my Father but they also acted as a go-between because I felt too nervous to contact him once I had his details! If you're looking to find someone, make sure that you use these guys! 100% Recommended!!"

(Andre, Hampshire)

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