Sisters never met but so Alike!

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Charlotte came to us a few months ago and asked us to trace her biological sister. She had never met her sister but, through her family, she knew that a sister was born around 5 years after she was born.

We explained that with these types of cases success is very much a 50/50 gamble. As with all the cases, we undertake we need to say, “we know this is the right person because of X, Y, or Z reasons” finding that link can be a huge hurdle.

We are well known for being the UKs most in-depth people tracing specialist. But we are also honest with our clients. And, in this case, there is a reasonable chance that the case would come back as an untraceable case. Undertaking the task itself can be a time-consuming task of eliminating possible matches to our known data. We explained to Charlotte that we hope that, in some form or another, her sister has kept a portion of her name, or there is a record that can link the birth name and the new name together.


The details!

We know that the sister was Natasha Olivia Hempson. We knew that Natasha was born on the 15-04-1974. And we knew that she was adopted or fostered out of the family when she was around 6 -12 weeks old.

We very quickly found the index record for the birth and applied for the birth certificate. With the details confirmed we started a sweep of the females born on this day. As you can imagine there were a fair few!


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5-star review of People Location:


Mark, Tanya and the rest of the team are unbelievably amazing! I cannot praise them enough! They found my sister and the outcome is perfect.

Mark kept me updated and even apologised for a little delay over confirming some paperwork, due to people working from home over Covid 19, which there was no need for apologies. I have my darling sister in my life because of People Location.

They made this possible, and words cannot express how over the moon happy I am. The support was there if needed, the fee is MUCH cheaper than another company and the outcome was what my heart longed for. Thank you deeply for your fabulous & hard work into my case.


Lots of love from Charlotte and my beautiful sister xx❤️❤️xx

We have the ability to look for anyone with a first middle or last name that is the same or similar to our known names. We also have the ability to check each person born on that day’s birth index records. So, the candidates that lack index entries are potential matches. This is due to people that change their name via adoption, deed poll, marriage or any other means of changing a name, is not usually hanged on the birth index entry.

Baby Pictures exchanged by the sisters

Tracing Agent Finds Long Lost Family1

The few that are changed on the indexes will usually hold duplicate entries, one under the original entry, one under the updates or changed entry. It’s a very complex and in-depth task that takes our experts time and patience to undertake.

Partial name match sweeps found numerous matches, and each match was, one by one, eliminated as highly unlikely.

We also have the ability to complete fast effective name change sweeps or updates on names on an amazing amount of different records. Both official locked data and, of course, open-source details. Open source does have a common misconception of, if it's on Google, it's easy. The truth is; it is often easy! But on many occasions, it's not. On the ones that are not, we know only a trained, specialist researcher, can link the records together and explain why they link together.

People Location take these additional steps to ensure our findings are accurate.

There are very few research agents that delve to the depths we do!

With this, we located a potential match. This potential match was for a Samantha Anderson. Born on the 15-04-1974. There was no official index entry for the birth and, open-source data confirmed this name and birth data, and also the area where they were born.

This upgraded the search from, Likely to highly likely. After this we completed two other checks, these checks use our enhanced license restricted database sweeps. The returns were very promising upgrading the match again to extremely likely and finally CONFIRMED!

We contacted Charlotte and told her the good news. She was emotional, she was very happy and thankful. We were also delighted.

As her tears flowed at the joy of hearing we had found her sister, we discussed the next move. Making contact.

We spent around 30 minutes learning all about Charlotte’s life, where she is today, and what she has been doing over the years. Charlotte was a delightful person who was, without doubt, a kind-hearted young lady. She seemed to ooze an aura of attraction that made us feel she was an extremely popular person with many friends who wore her heart on her sleeve.


They were so Alike!

We made contact with Samantha and confirmed all the details. It was so uncanny, she sounded and acted exactly like her sister, tears flowed, and she was very thankful to be in touch with the sister that she had yearned for.

Although they seemed like identical twins, they had never met. So, we went through the protocol of exchanging a message. Then passing on each other emails.  They both email us baby pictures. Unbelievable, clearly sisters!

And before long they were chatting on the phone and then, meeting in person.

A lifetime apart, never again to be separated. An amazing success story that touched the hearts of the whole team.


We wish them the very best of luck




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