Expert tracing takes time and effort


We had a recent case where a client he was looking for his High School girlfriend. The problem he had is we was unsure how to spell her last name. Not only were there issues with the name spelling but it was probable that she had since married and again changed her name. He did hear through the grapevine that she did marry and divorced many years ago. He had done all the usual things our clients often do before coming to us, he checked Facebook, he looked on He thought that was all that could be done.

So, He instructed a skip tracing company. These are small companies that, in honesty, more often than not, do just that, they check voters roll. You would be lucky if they spend a few minutes looking on social media. They charge a low level £36 fee and often supply what’s easily found.

We explained that his case was more popular, and we are not to be confused with a low-level skip tracer. We advised him what we could do for him and the costs for the searches. He did say, but I was only charged £36 before!

We explained. "If you pay peanuts you will get monkeys."

You cannot expect 3 people to spend money on the search, spend up to 12 hours working the case and piecing together a personal profile to ensure we locate the exact right person, not someone with the same name, or an unchecked address off the electoral roll. People Location take great pride in our work and if we have the right tools (budget) and expert input we are likely to have happy clientele.

The low-level online agent who charged him £36 did supply an address. But he couldn’t say for sure if the address was or was not correct.

He explained that he submitted his case 2 or 3 months ago, and a few hours later he was supplied an address. So the agent had undertaken the search and reported back within a few hours meaning that, minimal time was allocated to his case, and the address would not have been verified. He did write to the address but didn’t get any reply. He was unsure.

After explaining what we do, how we really are different. He instructed the search.

We looked at the address he was supplied. The name was the same. But it was the original name, not a new married name. What made it more unlikely was that she was living there with a husband. That means her name was different at birth. So it was very unlikely to the right person the client was searching for.


So, it seems that a simple name match was found. No checks were done, and incorrect details were supplied to the client.

It did take 5 days. We located the correct name spelling from her birth certificate. We then went through all the marriages, UK wide to locate the right marriage. And, in turn, the new name. We even confirmed the divorce by looking up the decree nisi.  And as we had the birth certificate, we matched up the DOB.

We reached out to her and she remembered our client. We are happy to say her memories were fond. Soon after we put them in direct contact.


We did find her. We did speak to her. She was delighted! And we were passing contact details within 2 weeks. It wasn’t a few hours, but it was a thorough search with confirmed results!


Our client was over the moon.