Tracing Birth Family

We knew the age of the mother from the certificate and again birth register searches uncovered the birth and, again certificates obtained.

Now back to the marriages!

Trawling through the marriages we noted about 30 marriages that had occurred during our target timeframe. Then the painstaking process of elimination begins, which one fits the DOB??

It soon became clear that Sandy Day Married Peter Reynolds. Once we knew the name and DOB it took our agents moments to confirm the current address. She was now living in Colchester with her husband and two young adult children.

We reported our findings to the client, Andy. He was shocked, even startled that we had found so much information within that short period of time. He was apprehensive of a next step.

After several days Andy called our offices and discussed the matter with our experts. Andy then instructed People Location to undertake the task of establishing if his birthmother would like any contact.

We then correspond with Sandy,

We write to sandy in a very discreet, respectful manner, we have a great understanding and experience in this delicate task.

Sandy asks us to forward a letter, which we do. We mediate several pieces of correspondence over the following weeks before finally revealing telephone and E-mail details. They are now in regular E-Mail contact and are planning to meet in London on Andy’s next visit to the UK.

We wish Andy and his family the best of luck with his new found contact.

Another great reunion!

We publish this information with a view to offer an accurate sequence of events and searches that were encompassed during the undertaking of the trace. We reserve the right to change the names, dates, and locations of the people involved in order to respect their privacy, People Location and the People Location online presence/websites is/are owned and /are products of Rainbow Promotions UK Ltd