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We stay with our client until they are in direct contact!

This week’s triumph was a case that we have been working for nearly 12 months.

Our team took on the case in early 2019. Our client, Alice, was interested in helping her daughter know more about her family.

Family Tracing Experts


The story is, around 18 years ago Alice’s daughter, Becky was born. Alice and Becky’s father had a very short and turbulent relationship. None the less, Alice is forever grateful for her daughter. As Becky got a little older she asked the BIG questions. Who is my real dad, what is he like?

The answers were not easy. It simple terms his name was Barry. He was a very suave, and slightly older gentleman than Alice, and he really did sweep her off her feet. She was overjoyed that she had found the right guy. Or so it seemed.

After a few months, Alice found out she was expecting, Butterflies, nervousness, and excitement all rolled into one. She wasn’t sure how to tell Barry. They had been together for nearly a year but the baby wasn’t planned.

That’s when it all fell apart! Barry was not the man Alice thought. He was still married. He already had a daughter, Alice knew this, but thought he was divorced.

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He wasn’t!

It seems his wife was always suspicious of Barry, she knew he “played around” and was always gone for days on end. But She didn’t know he was in a long-term relationship with a younger lady, who was, at the time slightly naïve.

When she broke the news to Barry, threats were made, and the relationship came to a sudden halt.

That was that. She decided not to have anything to do with him anymore and took care of the baby all on her own. As the years passed, Alice heard that Barry had another child. And, as we found, many others.

Alice contacted us in early 2019, asking for our help in finding any half brothers or sisters of Becky. Becky was approaching 18 and full of questions. She really did want to know more about her biological family.

After an in-depth search finding out who married who, and the children from the marriage, we manage to locate 2 half-siblings.

We told Alice we had the details and were ready to try and introduce them. Back to Butterflies, nervousness, and excitement! Becky was in the middle of an ongoing study project and, it was decided to wait 4-5 weeks before we told Becky the great news and to instigate contact.

So, after the study was done, Becky thought she would be relaxing, she knew that we were looking for her brothers and sisters, but she didn’t know we had success until them.

Becky was blown away and, like mum, Butterflies, nervousness, and excitement! We gave all our advice, hope for the best, be prepared for rejection. But there is only one option from here.


It was decided to make initial contact with the oldest sibling Samantha, and being an older sister, she may well have more in common with Becky.

The reply was hard. Although Samantha did have some curiosity, she was not entirely sure if she wanted to know.

Barry, who was also Samantha’s father had also left their family. And it brought on hard times for her and her brother, not to mention the stress caused to her mother through the affairs and one night stands then to leave her with two children to raise. So, as you can imagine the link brought back painful memories.

She asked for time to think, a lot of time, she asked for 6 months!

We advised Becky and Alice. It was painful for them. Why so long. It a long wait and if it’s no, just tell them no.

We explained the situation and passed on advice from our 20+ years of experience in doing just this. The hardest part of the whole thing is being patient.

So, 6 months later we, very gently, and respectfully, reached back out to Samantha. We asked her to pass on this message to her Brother, (also Becky’s Brother), Tim. And see if he would like to pass on or receive a message.

Again, She needed a few weeks, but the final decision was. NO.


Her brother, Tim, was very interested to know more about his sister. He never knew he had a sister and was eager to learn more about her.

Butterflies, nervousness, and excitement

So over the next 4 weeks we mediated between them, we passed on messages, photo’s and gave our help and advice to them both and now they are in direct contact.




Happy Tim, Happy Becky, and we hope that Samantha comes around to the idea too. Only time will tell.


We wish them all the very best for their new beginning!