We need to assess your case before we can offer a reliable costing. We need to find out what details are known and what we need to do to locate the person. Once we know all that information, we can then offer a reliable cost.

Most cases are in the remit of £59+VAT upfront and, once we are successful a further £99+VAT but costs can variate from £49-£1500.



"Searches can differ from looking for a needle in a haystack to a boulder in a closet!"


Costs are two-tier fees.

 1, Upfront fee.

We call this a submission fee. These fees start at around £49+VAT. Submission fees are usually between £49-£99+VAT. We can’t be sure of the fee until we assess your case. This is done on your initial consultation.

This fee ensures that we have enough time and budget to undertake a thorough search. We focus on thorough searches to ensure that every possible avenue of enquiry is thoroughly checked and researched. It may mean we order documents, use restricted data sets, or spend considerable time trawling through data. This fee ensures that your case is researched to the highest possible standard. We don’t want to come back to you asking for more funds or sending you unverified results. Our reports are comprehensive and our dedication to our clients is here before, during and after your search.

Our clients soon know why the team at PEOPLE LOCATION offers more in-depth research and reports than 99% of other low-level agents who just run data.

Our service is not for everyone. We want all our clients to know that our service is a premier service that focuses on bringing people together. We Maximise effort and spend considerable time and money on our searches. So if you’re looking for someone on a whim, You may want to take more time to consider the impact bringing someone new into your life can bring for you and the person you are finding.


2, Location fee

Location fees are £99+VAT. If we need to initiate contact, we may ask for £149-£199+VAT.


Making contact

We offer a complete package! Do you want to contact someone from your past?

New laws that came into effect during 2018 means that searches that involve long lost family or old friends may mean we need to make first contact on your behalf. This is usually assessed before we take on the search, but it may change depending on our findings as we progress through your case

We complete our research and searches and then come back to you with heaps of details about the person, If they are married, living alone, widowed, divorced, if they are north or south, we can sometimes pass on information about their employment, hobbies, what they look like or other significant happenings in their life.

Once you have this information you can then decide if you wish to make contact. That’s where our fantastic mediation comes into effect. We have reunited thousands of people over the years and we know the first step is crucial. So, we have a tried, tested, and successful formula which eases the initial stages of making contact. We put both the person found and our client at ease. We focus on gently passing back and forth a few messages before finally putting you both in direct communication.

It's proven to be a fantastic mediation service that really does reach the goals our clients set out.