10 CasesWhat are E-Trace Reports

£19+VAT No Find No Fee Debtor Tracing (10 CASE MINIMUM)

E-Tracing or electronic tracing is when we run the details through our award-winning tracing systems to obtain new or forwarding addresses for your missing debtor or person. E-Trace reports use an abundance of resources and we are happy to say that they do yield a very high success ratio. E-Traces take all of the known details and search for linked addresses or registrations at new addresses and shows the likelihood of being current. These are in 5 brackets. (LOW) - (LOW- MEDIUM) - (MEDIUM) - (MEDIUM TO HIGH) - (HIGH). This is a bulk tracing service for 10+ cases in any one submission. This is an address trace only service. If you are looking to know more about your debtor speak to one of our team about our outstanding in-depth tracing options. 

E-Trace is a cost-effective way to trace a debtor.  

• Cheap To Run
• Low Risk
• Fast Returns
Trace a debtor
debtor tracing
• 14 Day Recheck Service (more than most)
• Great For Debtors
• High Success Rates
• Bulk Submissions From £10 Per Locate
• Better Than On-Line Credit Paid Searches
• Report E-Mailed to you same or next working day

If you need a quick efficient trace then complete our online submission form for E-Trace HERE.

One of the team will call you, discuss the search, take payment data (we don’t debit payment unless we are successful) and log in your case for working.



  • We E-Mail The trace report to you. So, don’t forget to check spam or junk mail before contacting us about a missing report.


  • Remember, to keep the service cost effective, payment is automatically debited upon success and report emailed to you.


  • In the unlikely event we receive a negative result on your E-Trace an E-Mail will be sent to you and no payment will be debited

Our E-Trace Terms of submission are available HERE.


  • We are happy to say that the majority of single or small batch (10-20 cases) submissions are complete within 1-3 working days. Large caseloads or higher volume submissions may require additional time for completion.