What are E-Trace Reports

£19+VAT No Find No Fee Debtor Tracing (Same day or next day results)

E-Tracing or electronic tracing is when we run the details through our award-winning tracing systems to obtain new or forwarding addresses for your missing debtor or person. E-Trace reports use an abundance of resources and we are happy to say that they do yield a very high success ratio. E-Traces take all of the known details and search for linked addresses or registrations at new addresses and shows the likelihood of being current. These are in 5 brackets. (LOW) - (LOW- MEDIUM) - (MEDIUM) - (MEDIUM TO HIGH) - (HIGH)

E-Trace is a cost-effective way to trace a debtor.  

• Cheap To Run
• Low Risk
• Fast Returns
Trace a debtor
debtor tracing
• 14 Day Recheck Service (more than most)
• Great For Debtors
• High Success Rates
• Bulk Submissions From £10 Per Locate
• Better Than On-Line Credit Paid Searches
• Report E-Mailed to you same or next working day

If you need a quick efficient trace then complete our online submission form for E-Trace HERE.

One of the team will call you, discuss the search, take payment data (we don’t debit payment unless we are successful) and log in your case for working.



  • We E-Mail The trace report to you. So, don’t forget to check spam or junk mail before contacting us about a missing report.


  • Remember, to keep the service cost effective, payment is automatically debited upon success and report emailed to you.


  • In the unlikely event we receive a negative result on your E-Trace an E-Mail will be sent to you and no payment will be debited

Our E-Trace Terms of submission are available HERE.