By submitting this Automated trace you have agreed with the below terms of service


 1, By instructing People Location on this day I am fully aware that I have entered a “binding” agreement between me (THE CLIENT) and People Location (THE MERCHANT).


2, I can confirm I have a legitimate purpose for tracing this person. I am aware that any illegitimate or unlawful submission may result in police, legal or civil actions/notification.


3, I am aware of the People Location no trace no fee policy and will only be charged the location fee upon a high scoring address locate. (Medium to high). I am aware that Automated tracing is an automated search which locates highly likely address links.


4, I will not use the information supplied by People Location for any illegal or considered unlawful activities. I will not share my report data with anyone who has no reasonable grounds for accessing this data.


5, I agree for my supplied payment method to be debited in accordance with the agreement and I will receive my report by email.


6, I agree that my interests in finding this person in no way associated in harming them or their associates, physically, emotionally or their media / public image.


7, To my knowledge, I can confirm there is no legal reason restricting me from perusing any personal information on my submission (Trace). There are no legal judgments or restrictions incurred by UK court or other responsible, recognised authorities, including offshore authorities, banning my seeing or restricting my distance from the person I am tracing.  (We don’t want to break the law)


8, I am aware that People Location has been instructed by me to find a new, or confirm a current, or high scoring contact address, of my missing person and may not in all cases, including mine, find extra or additional information such as telephone, email or other forms of direct/immediate contact. By submitting this instruction or trace request to People Location I confirm that I am aware the primary objective of People Location is to locate a place/address of contact for my missing person or death confirmation, and additional information is not always available or within the agreed fee that I submit today.


9 I am aware that Automated traces that include telephone and Email searches are not always conclusive or located. Fees paid for the search are for case expenditure only and are not conditional of success.


10, I am aware that Automated tracing is a systems automated search which locates highly likely address links via high-level systems searches. The searches are not agent led or verified.


11, I also agree that People Location or their staff members are not liable for any losses, in any case whatsoever, which may occur due to my location request, such as any loss of inheritance.


12,  I agree that by instructing People Location with the submission (trace) I make today I am solely responsible for the instruction given, and the “agreed“  fee. The agreed fee will become payable from me, upon the location (trace) of the missing person. In turn, of the “agreed” fee People Location (THE MERCHANT) agree to forward, by Email, a full location (trace) Report on the submitted individual. I have sufficient means to pay the said and “agreed” fee and by submitting my request I agree that I will be responsible and liable for any such payment due. I agree that the “agreed” location fee can be debited on completion of my search by my supplied payments method (credit or debit card).  I agree and am aware that any outstanding payments, or ignored requests for payments, resulting from my submission, for any reason will be or perused via our collections agent or can be automatically debited via my supplied billing method (credit or debit card). I agree that payment in all cases, including the submission I make today, must be paid for within seven (7) consecutive days of the positive findings and subsequent contact to me of the positive findings by the agreed email or telephone method.


13, I agree that I will not withhold vital details or give misleading information regarding my submission. I am aware that by withholding, or giving misleading, information concerning my submission may incur location fees, submission fees or other costs that will not be refunded. It may also result in legal actions being taken. I will supply, to the best of my knowledge, all relevant details regarding my trace and will not withhold information which may hold relevance to my submission.


14, I am aware that after I receive my positive report I have a full two weeks (14 days) to ask People Location to double check or retrace their original findings free of any further costs.


15, I am also aware that People Location takes data security and the processing of private information very seriously and does not hold, store or pass on any of my own or my case details.


16, All costs are final and refunds, either partial or full, are subject to People Location's discretion.


17, I am aware that People Location cannot reveal the original sources of any accumulated case information.


18, Submission fees. I am aware that in some cases People Location asks for, additional submission fees, to enable further searches or obtain documents which incur internal costs, these are non-refundable. I am entitled to decline further searches and submission fees before any are implemented. We don't always ask for fees but sometimes we think certain searches that involve costs will be beneficial to your trace. We will always contact you to discuss submission fees beforehand. Submission fees are additional search fees and are not inclusive of location fees.


19, I am an adult, in sound mind and responsible for my actions, and I agree freely for People Location to conduct this search on my behalf. I am fully aware of the future charges that may be incurred by my actions today.


20, Risk. I am aware that with all Automated trace submissions there is always a small element of risk involved that we are unable to locate the person. The traced person will choose not to converse or communicate with the client. The person uses a care of address which will be deemed as a “contact address”. The person utilises a family related address as a formal residential abode, or similar circumstances.


21, I am aware People Location has the right to deny or cease further enquires, without notice or reason with any submission at any time.


22, Rights of legitimate disclosure. Some case submissions will require us to obtain the consent of our traced person before we can pass on any contact data. This does not apply to all cases however if we deem your specific case to require additional permissions we may need to obtain consent prior to disclosure of data. Location fees will still be applicable.


23, Chargebacks. We are sorry to advise that each incorrect chargeback via our card payments company, Worldpay, incur a £20+VAT charge which is implemented by Worldpay. By instructing us today you are aware that credit or debit card payments will read as RAINBOW PROMOTIONS on your card statement and each chargeback that is incorrectly processed incurs a £20+VAT penalty.

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