Company Searches and Appointee Searches

Corporation and company searches are easy with People Location

If you are in need of a company search we can help. People Location offer full company reports that are not automated. Our searches are undertaken by real people with extensive access. Much more than an online company search!

Our Company Searches Include

Company Reprts
Trace A person With Experts
  • Company Name And Address
  • Appointee Data
  • disqualifications
  • Appointee addresses
  • Credit Scores
  • Shareholder Data
  • Group Structure
  • CCJ’s
  • Mortgages
  • Addresses
  • Event History
  • Shareholders
  • company Filings
  • Net worth
  • Banking details

if you're thinking of doing business with a new company or someone who you need to know a little more about why not have one of the team at people location run a company search. We can also link all the appointee's connected corporations to offer a full profile of how many businesses they are involved with and how they have been operated.

If you want to know more call one of our friendly experts on 0208 390 1703

if you simply want to know the company is real or in operation, you can check the online corporate filings for free at Companies House


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