Certificate Searches

Birth Death & Marriage Searches

As a reliable, in-depth Tracing agent we need to undertake searches for certificates every day!

We love doing genealogy searches and piecing together family lineage. So we are well versed on how to obtain and confirm the certificates are correct.

If you are looking to confirm a Birth, Death or Marriage, or need certificate searches we can help. We have high-level access to the UK indexes and over two decades of experience trawling them. Need a copy certificate or confirmation of the event, no problem! We can assist, search and obtain certificates quickly and accurately.

We love certificate searches!

The People Location Tracing Agency are experienced experts in many types data procurement. Our role has the need for us to undertake all sorts of certificate searches every day. If you need advice or assistance with obtaining a certificate our experts will be happy to assist.

We can conduct searches for births, deaths & Marriages in the England & Wales district. Our costs start at only £39. Scottish and Irish Certificate costs start at £49.

Certificate searches can be a bit tricky for a novice. But, if its a simple certificate you need and you know all the dates and places, or if it’s your own certificate you may be able to order your own online at the UK GRO office. If you need to go further afield or lack specific details, speak to our team who will be able to offer genuine advice on your certificate needs.

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