Catfish Tracing & Online Romances


Many people meet online, it’s not unusual but sometimes, it gets to that stage of, are they really being truthful? Are they really who they say they are?

We are all aware of the dangers that the people who we meet online are not always who they claim to be. But when it happens to you, you may not know where to turn.
Big giveaways are,





They won't talk on the phone.

If they are not speaking to you on the phone than you have to ask why. Excuses can be ongoing and sometimes quite extravagant. But we can be taken in. Its sometimes a good idea to try and see your own scenario from someone else’s point of view, what would they say?


They won't send you an image

It’s really easy to get an image online and the image sent may not be them. Ask for several images, ask for specific images, holding up a fist or finger. You can come up with some creative ideas here.

They ask for Money

Again, the ways someone asks for money can be creative. They will often play to your good nature and refusals can be taken as insults. If they are asking for money and become offended when you say no, its time to end the relationship. Odds are they are fraudsters!

They are evasive

Maybe they are in a relationship and are looking for a bit on the side? Of you can’t call them late in the evening it’s a bad sign.



Meeting online is sometimes seen in a prudish way when, in reality, is perfectly normal and, for many, a great way to meet that special someone. We are all so busy with our lives and our everyday work and social commitments that meeting new people can sometimes be a time-consuming commodity few can now afford.

There are always questions and often worries. Are they married? Is it a scam? Are they dangerous? With so many people meeting by online forums dating apps or by social media, the need for us to remain safe online is now a major concern for us all.

We are now seeing higher numbers of people meeting online than ever before. 2017 saw 20,000 marriages form couples who met online. So it's not unusual to look for an online romance.

Being safe has to be a number one priority and due diligence does not have to get in the way. In 2012 we implemented a dedicated team and very successful formula to gauge how truthful these individuals really are. And they will never know the search has been done.