Tracing Agent Reunites Long Lost Brothers

Brothers, A lifetime apart, Now together

We had an amazing case with its ups and downs

Steve came to us asking if we could track down his birth father. He had not had any contact with his father since he was a child.

He knew his father’s name, Andrew Brown. This a quite common name. He was also aware that he, his mother, and his father were from, Warrington.

But this was over 40 years ago.

Tracing Agent; People Location Brings brothers back togther

With this information, our team got to work. First things first. We needed to get our person profile. Who was this person and what are his personal identifiers? The name is widely used and we needed to get something that was specific to him, which makes us sure we have the right person.

Sweeps over the historical occupancy data did locate his details and we noted an occupancy list form the 1970’s that had two other occupiers with the same surname “Brown” We saw that Arthur and Doreen Brown were listed there with Andrew and this, to us, suggested parents.

With this, we then went off and found Arthur and Doreen’s marriage in the 1950s in Warrington.  The names fit and the area fits!

From this marriage, we see they had three children. And confirmed, Andrew Brown was the middle child. We soon got the birth certificate and found that he was born on the 18th of July 1956.

So with the profile in place we were soon off looking for Andrews's second marriage. It did not take long to find out he had remarried and had 3 more children.

This means Steve had 2 sisters and one Brother!

The search went on but after the 1980s details went cold. We could pin where he went after 1988. We had to widen the search. We knew all the family and were soon looking at open-source data as well as using our deep web sweeps and license restricted access.

We found him. He was in Cyprus; seems as though he went out there with his new wife and decided to stay. But again, we saw very little information for him after 1995. After digging further, our concerns became a reality. Andrew died in Cyprus.

Sadly, we had to go back to our client with the bad news. But also, the good news; he had three siblings!

Steve was taken back, he didn’t know how to feel, and needed time.

Traceing Agent finds Brothers 2

After a few weeks, Steve asked us to trace his siblings.

Back to Work!

The family had split in different directions.

We found one sister in Australia, one sister in Canada, and his brother was here in the UK

Steve was delighted! He soon asked us to contact his brother, Matt.

Good afternoon People Location


Just touching in to say, that thanks to your hard work, I have met up with Matt.

All went amazingly.

So much so, we are going to his for the weekend next week.

Things are great.

He has welcomed me and has nothing but praise for how professional and caring you both were regarding making contact.

He is so pleased I decided to make that move and use yourselves.


With regards



Long Lost Family Tracing

We passed the case to our experienced mediation team who got to work on the case. We drafted a personal letter to Matt. We explained who we are, who Steve is, and how they are connected. Seemed that Matt had some knowledge of Steve. He had no idea what his name was or how to get in touch.

We did say, he could have contacted the team at People Location!

Steve, Matt, and their families had a fantastic reunion. We think you can see the resemblance. They did too.



Good Luck!

PLEASE NOTE: In the interest’s pf privacy we change names and dates. We try and give a general representation of the case, without revealing detail about our clients or their personal data.