Asset Searches

Asset Investigations

Asset Searches can be undertaken by our UK based team of experts. We have had many enquires over the last 2 decades and have formulated a range of Asset Tracing tactics that deliver results to the clientele that “NEED TO KNOW”

Asset Searches By Experts

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Our reports are generally on a fixed fee basis and focused on the clients' end goals. Whether it's property assets, business assets or even offshore assets. We aim to focus on the specifics of the case and the snippets of details known by the client. We expand on this data, obtain all possible personal identifiers, alias names and proxy connections. This can start from birth, family links and then move on to establish a demographical profile.

Due Diligence Reports

Due Diligence & Asset Searches that make all the difference.

Are they asset wealthy, or are their claims a fiction?

Often our clients are unsure of claims made by an individual are true or exaggerated. Are they really a CEO of a large company, do they really own multiple addresses?

After an initial consultation, we will envisage our strategy to provide a fully comprehensive report that aims to assist our clients with strategies to recover debts or evaluate the individuals' worth. Are they asset wealthy, or are their claims a fiction?

Once we have undertaken our searches, we can provide a court-ready and encrypted report that will give our clientele a clearer indication of who this person really is and how truthful they have been.

People Locations tactics and asset tracing formula are tailored to the case specifics, the details provided to meticulously piece together an informative and overall picture of the individual's demographical status and more.

Our searches can uncover national and international assets and liabilities.

Intelligence that can really make that huge difference when readying court actions or disputing a current status.

The saying “knowledge is power” has never been as true as it is today. With a team of specialists Asset investigators on your side, you can be assured of finding all that is compliantly possible.

When seeking an agent to conduct asset sweeps look to People Location, who have over 20 years’ experience in data procurement and document retrieval.